Know the Rules: Baseball

Baseball rules are very unique, interesting, and help shape the game of baseball. One easy rule that should always apply when playing baseball is to always wear a helmet when batting. For pitchers, you can be called off for a “balk” two different ways. If you have the ball in your glove and take it out, or if you start to pitch then stop and start over then you will be called off for a balk.When a balk is called and if there is a runner on base, they get to move up one base.

Another rule is if you have two strikes and you hit a foul ball it’s usually called a strike, WRONG! The count stays at two strikes. Another unique rule as a runner is if a batter hits a fly ball, you have to tag up. Tagging up means you have to go back to the base you came from, and if you want try to go to the next base you wait until the the ball is caught. Why? Because if you’re on second base and the batter hits a pop up, the runner can’t just run home and score. It’s unfair to the fielder who has to wait for the ball to fall.

Another cool rule is if you have 2 strikes and swing at the 3rd strike, but the ball is not caught by the catcher or gets passed him, you can run to first. When this happens it’s called a drop third strike. Some pitchers can be really good but some cheat.

If you have illegal substances on your hand, glove, or hat, you will be ejected for the remainder of the game. When batting,if you hit the ball down the foul line and it goes past the base, then goes foul it’s still a fair ball, otherwise it’s a foul ball.

Now you know some unique and interesting tips about the world’s best sport.

By Chase Poskey

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