Sports Article: Cross Country

This is the picture. Cross country is incredibly hard. Endurance is one of the needs must in the sport. Keep it up Grizzlies!!!!  The underlined portion of this email is my caption.

“Start off slow, then get faster.” Kendyl Arnett, a seventh grader who participates  in cross country, said to give advice for future runners. Greenfield cross country recently won an overall score in their first meet. This team is off to a great start having one of our own eighth grade girls win first over all the teams; Brooke Hess, who ran the one and one half mile in a little over nine minutes!

Cameron and Kendyl Arnett placed 32nd and 36th. There were 78 kids running during the race! They both did a fabulous job; however, they are planning to do even better in the future. In addition, the sisters both earned better times than the last time they ran the distance. When asked to give a motivational quote, Cameron Arnett said,”You never stop hurting, but the hurt will become less.” This is true, considering the fact that running uses 8 muscles. At the end of the race, your hole body will be hurting.  No matter how awful that is, the reward of finishing is all worth it. One thing that Cameron Arnett does to prepare for a meet is talk to the other girls on the cross country team to get pumped up. Kendyl, when she gets close to the end of the run, she tries to sprint the last half to full lap. Doing this takes a lot of endurance. Endurance is a big part of being in cross country. Without endurance in the sport, people would be walking halfway through the race, and end up with an unwanted score. Luckily, our Greenfield team has a very little amount of people who don’t want to try.

Mrs. Turley, the cross country coach, is a very good instructor. Kendyl also said that she is very nice. Their team’s routine is straight and simple: two warm-up laps, stretching, and a few drills. Sometimes the drill of choice is a workout where you run up and down hills. Another drill is where you chase a person that is ten feet in front of you. The object of the drill is the catch the person you are chasing. When you do this, you become the one being chased. Good luck Grizzly Cross Country runners!

By Tessa Geigle

Photo credits: grfx.cstv

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