Whether or Not Subjects Should Mix

Recently, seventh grade social studies students have been told to write an essay concerning the Battle of Gettysburg. Many students have detested essays in English, but now, they have to deal with it in social studies! Seriously! I, on the other hand, believe that subjects in school should be mixed, mingled, and used to make each other better.

Too begin, social studies wouldn’t be a subject in school if it weren’t for English. All the reading comprehension that you exercise in English should be used to read your social studies book, science book, and the many other books that are used for the various subjects. I take newspaper during sixth hour, and without English, I would not have one of my favorite classes!

On the other side of the debate, some students would like there to be no essays in social studies, no text books in science, and no newspaper. The benefits to this are straight and simple. Less homework time would be added to evenings, therefore making more time for extracurricular activities. Less subjects would cause no homework in the non-existent class. No homework from certain subjects can also mean less late nights for sleep-deprived teens. Another “perk” to having subjects stay separate is less time at school. English and physical education would be the only lasting subjects if we didn’t let classes mix. That would leave only two hours of school every day.

In conclusion, other people believe that barely any homework and two hours of school is better. On the other hand I believe that mixing subjects is for the best. If it weren’t for mixing English into social studies, I wouldn’t have gotten the wonderful experience  of writing a journal entry in the place of a civil war soldier.

By Tessa Geigle

Photo credits: carmanainsworthhappenings                              

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