7th Female Spotlight: Elle McAuley

Elle McAuley is a hilarious 12 year old and a very understanding friend here at Greenfield Junior High. Her heroes are her parents, who gave Elle her most memorable Christmas present last year, her own TV. “What nickname do your parents use when talking to you?” I asked McAuley. “Elle Belle,” she responded in our interview.

When I asked this 7th grader, “If you were stranded on an island, what 3 people would you choose to be stuck with?” Elle replied, “You, Ellie Smith and Brynn Gudmansen.” Ironically, if Elle could live anywhere in the world, she said “Hawaii”, partially because her favorite animal, a sea turtle, can be found in the waters around this heavenly island. Maybe some day the 4 of us will get stranded on Hawaii!

McAuley is most proud of winning mini best national title with her club dance group. The dance was under the style “contemporary”. Not surprisingly, Elle’s hobbies are dancing and drawing. Her favorite color to use when drawing is blue.

In school, Elle’s favorite subject is Social Studies. Her favorite time of the day, however, is lunch time. I asked Elle, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” to which she answered, “In college at BYU Hawaii, or on a mission.” I hope this Grizzly will achieve all her goals!

If you want to know more about Elle McAuley, you should talk to her parents. “They know me best,” she told me in our interview. If you’ve never met Elle, you should. She is a creative girl who you would love to chat with. Anyone Elle meets is touched by her smile and sense of humor. So if you need a reason to laugh today, go find Elle McAuley.

By Becky Wood

Picture Credit: Becky Wood

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