Editorial: Playing games on your Chromebook

The question still remains, should kids be allowed to play games on their Chromebooks? I  interviewed a few kids and a teacher to get their opinion about this unsolved question. Here are the responses, Logan Crosby (7th) says,”Yes for sure, but not until teacher’s approval and it also depends on that teacher.” That is a very good point that Logan stated. Neil Evans (7th) agrees, “Yes, it’s fun when you have nothing to do,but there are also some games that kids shouldn’t play.” Now from a teacher’s perspective, Ms. Moorhead (7th & 8th grade band teacher) says, “In general sure, but in school no, it’s not until told or unless it’s a special occasion.” Everybody has different opinions. Neil Evans also stated that, “It’s not polite to do it when a teacher is talking or teaching because it shows that you don’t care about that class and grade. Also the teacher that is trying to help you learn.” These are all very good answers, and I agree with all of them. also when you’re on your Chromebook, teachers can see if you’re playing games or watching videos, so no kid can zone out of learning. Just don’t play games when your teacher is teaching in class. My opinion is yes, but only when you were done with everything and when I mean everything I mean everything. When you finished all your homework, you finished all missing work and anything else you can think of. If your teacher says so. Also, do not play games while a video is being played. It’s rude and also your teacher and other students will see your screen because it’s dark in the classroom. Play games responsibly, and when you are told to put away your Chromebook, put it away so you don’t get in trouble and get your Chromebook taken away.


By Chase Poskey

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