Know the Rules: White Elephant Gift Exchange

Do you need a fun holiday game to entertain your friends and family for you? Or do you want to fill your holiday party with lots of laughs? Well the White Elephant Gift Exchange is perfect! It’s a fairly simple game-as long as you follow the rules! It’s bound to bring tons of laughter and enjoyment to the group.What are the rules you may ask? This is a condensed version of the rules!

  1. Every guest who is participating in the gift exchange MUST bring a wrapped, unmarked gift (the funnier the better).

  2. When you are starting, have everyone draw a number from a hat. The person with #1 goes first.

  3. They select any gift and unwrap it. Then the person with #2 selects a gift.

  4. The second person, and everyone that follows, has 2 options: Pick and open a wrapped gift, or steal a gift from one of the previous people.

  5. There is a catch however… each gift can only be stolen three times. After that, the person holding the gift is safe.

  6. Repeat steps 1-4 until all the gifts have been unwrapped. When this happens the person who drew #1 gets to go again!

  7. They can choose to end the game there or steal someone else’s gift. The game continues until everyone is somewhat satisfied with their gift.

  8. Finish off your party and have a great time!

This fun holiday game is a blast as long as everyone knows the rules! I hope you add this goofy tradition your holiday memories! Happy Holidays!

By Jenna Westenskow

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