Sports Profile: Buddy King

Wrestling is a very unique, interesting, and competitive sport. Edward King (7th), also known as Buddy, started wrestling this year and loves it. His favorite coach is coach Earl, and his favorite wrestler yours truly, Chase Poskey. Buddy is wrestling varsity 93-95 weight class, and is a very good wrestler. He also has a very good attitude. Buddy said, “When you’re done, you feel like a new person both  physically and mentally stronger in life.” Buddy also says that life comes easier. He’s a very interesting guy and is also a warm-hearted kid. Wrestling can be quite an aggressive sport. There is a lot of moves in wrestling, but Buddy’s favorite move is an arm drag to a double leg, than half-nelson to finish and pin. When Buddy is wrestling, he is very aggressive, he is funny and likes to hang out with other wrestlers. King is also extremely active and will strive to do his best and be the best and will never give up. Buddy says that wrestling gives him physical and mental challenges, which makes him work harder and focus when he is that practice and when he is wrestling meet or wrestling an opponent. In wrestling that is hard dedication and that is what it takes to be a great wrestler. Buddy has lots of talents, which have Greenfield Jr. High on their feet and ready for the Superstition Conference, where Greenfield  looks to take home their first wrestling championship and get a banner. Buddy is an amazing wrestler and keeps striving for what comes next.

By  Chase Poskey

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