OMG! Grace Byers

We have all had our fair share of crazy moments, but have you ever heard Grace Byer’s crazy story? It is definitely a story that will have you saying “OMG!”

It all started when Grace and her friend were messing around at his house in the backyard. They were just jumping on the trampoline when Grace’s friend, who she knew to be a comedian, said “I’m going to jump off the roof onto the trampoline.” Grace, of course, told him that it was a bad idea and that he probably should not do it. But he insisted that it would be fine and he was going to do it anyway. Then, he climbed up onto the roof ready to jump onto the trampoline.

As if it wasn’t crazy enough that he had just planned to jump off the roof, he actually did it! He jumped off the roof and (thankfully) landed on the trampoline. And to make matters even crazier, he bounced so high that he flew straight over the fence…right into the neighbor’s pool! Crazy, right? As Grace’s friend scrambled out of the pool, he tried to make sure that his neighbors would not see that he was just in their pool! Can you imagine embarrassing would that be? Then, Grace had to figure out how to get him back over the neighbor’s fence! This is definitely a crazy situation!  When he finally got back over the fence, he ran inside so that he could get changed just in time before his mom came home. Once she came home, Grace and her friend were casually sitting in the living room as if nothing had even happened.

We can all agree that that was a pretty insane story, right? You can definitely say that this story had you saying OMG!

By Katelyn Kolstad

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