Utopian Short Story: Snow

Snow. It seems almost magical, but what does it even mean? Annabeth was puzzled as she read from an ancient book. Her grandfather had a trunk full of books that his grandfather had passed on to him. Perplexed, she read the sentence again, “The snow covered trees filled the wintry forest.”  Snow covered trees? What kind of language was that?

The next day, Annabeth asked her language instructor about the odd words she read the day before. “Gibberish. Those aren’t even real words! Whatever book you’re reading should be turned into the Torchbearer immediately!” Gibberish? Annabeth didn’t believe it was gibberish. Her grandfather wouldn’t give her gibberish. She had a feeling that her instructor was lying. Annabeth had to figure out these mysterious words.

“Snow. Oh how I miss the snow. During my time, the memory of snow was slowly fading away after climate control began, but now…no one has ever heard of that wintery wonderland!”  Grandfather explained.

“What does snow look like? I want to see it!” Annabeth exclaimed. Her grandfather grabbed a handful of ice. Then he swiftly grab the blender from the cabinet and set it on the counter. Confused, Annabeth asked, “Umm… Grandpa? What exactly are you doing?” He responded calmly.

“Well I’m making snow! What else would I be doing?!” Annabeth’s grandfather then shoved melting ice cubes into the blender. He pressed the “crush” button. A few seconds later the blender was full of some sort of powder like substance.

“Is that snow?” Annabeth asked, a little disappointed. She thought it would be more magical! What she saw wasn’t even interesting. Her grandfather took the crushed ice out of the blender and scooped out a handful. The cold ice stung Annabeth’s palm.

“No child, this isn’t really snow. But tonight you will see it. We are taking a field trip out of the community.” Hours later, Annabeth and Grandpa were all bundled up, sneaking out of the community to the Outside.

“Why is it so cold Grandpa? And where is the snow! My feet are numb and I’m-!”

“Be quiet child! Look up!” Grandpa said a little forcefully. The snowflakes gently landed on Annabeth’s fluttering eyelashes. Annabeth was filled with joy as they played in the snow. After many hours they sadly went back to the community. Even though they weren’t able to return to the snow, the joyful memory stayed with them forever.

By Jenna Westenskow

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