Review: Adidas MND

In 2016 Adidas dropped its new shoe, the NMD. With over 40 colorways and an innovative design, this is one of the most unique and trendy shoes today.

The name NMD stands for Nomad, which is where the design got most of its inspiration from. The shoe is light weight with a sock like construction in it. When worn, the flexible material will mold to the shape of your feet rather than an uncomfortable shape shoes sometimes have. NMDs have Adidas Boost cushioning in them that gives your feet support on any surface. What makes the NMD a really great shoe though, is the versatility. It can be an everyday shoe, or a running shoe, ultimately it is up to the person who buys it how they want to use them. They can go with almost any clothing style too. In general, Adidas NMD’s are an amazing shoe to have, but there are some possible cons. Unless you really like shoes, the price of them can be pretty expensive to most people. The price of the NMD can range from $85-$400, it all depends on what type of NMD it is and how rare the design is. If you are familiar with other recent shoe the Ultraboost, and expect the NMD to be similar in comfort then you may be a little disappointed. The Ultraboost in terms of comfort is above the Nmd, but in my opinion NMD’s look better.

Adidas has created many great shoes these past years, especially the NMD. The shoe is stylish and extremely comfortable. Although the price can be high, it is well worth it.

By Tristan Andaya

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