Short Story: Bermuda Triangle

     It all started on my thirteenth birthday. I was so excited and just knew that I was going to have the best day ever!

    The bright sun was shining through the blinds. The blankets laying on me were so soft and cozy. There I lay, eyes wide open just waiting for my baby blue alarm clock to ring. Finally, the clock hit 7:00 AM and it’s wonderful sound (which is usually a very disturbing sound) started to ring. I sat up with excitement and quickly ran out of my room and saw my family in the kitchen. Then, they sang “Happy Birthday” while holding my favorite breakfast, blueberry scones! After eating, it was time to open those 13 beautiful presents. One by one, I opened each present until I got to the very last box. This present was really small but very neatly wrapped with blue and purple polka dots. I tore it open to find a ticket. “What?” I said very confused.

    “We are going on a cruise!” my mom proclaimed with my dad smiling at her side. My eyes were popping out! I was so excited!

    A few days later, we were boarding the cruise ship. It was humongous! When we got on, we went straight to our room to put down our luggage. Finally, when everything was organized, my family and I went to explore the ship. It was amazing! There was free ice cream, water slides, pools, and restaurants! I could already tell that it would be the best trip ever! That night, after all the fun that day, I looked out the window at the wavy ocean. It was a really big storm. Just then my mom walked in.

    “Hey sweetie! How is it going?” she asked with a smile.

    “I am feeling a little sick,” I said then shrugged, “It’s really choppy. What is happening?”

    “I don’t know,” my mom answered. “I think it is just a little storm. It will probably clear up tomorrow.”

    “OK,” I said while climbing into the big white bed. “Where are we, anyway?”

    “Ummm. Let’s just not talk about that right now.” she had a worried look on her face. I sat up really fast.

    “Please just tell me. It can not be that bad, right?” I now had a worried look myself.

    “Um.. Well we are actually entering the Bermuda Triangle.” She said with a pale face. I gasped and froze. “Oh, come on Alice. It is just a myth. You know that!”

    “No! It is not a myth!” I screamed. “I have read about this place. It is 100% definitely not a myth!” Suddenly, all of the electricity flickered. “What is going on?” I screamed over the loud waves slamming against the boat. It was really starting to make me sick. I could not believe this was happening. I heard people screaming out the door. I quickly ran out to see chandeliers broken on the floor. The lights were still flickering so it was so hard to see. Just then, I felt something cold rushing at my feet. I looked down to see ice water flowing on the ground. I ran back in my room to get my mom. “Mom! We need to get out quick. Where is the rest of the family?”

    “Alice! It is just a little storm. It will pass.” She said calmly while folding the rest of her clothes. Then I told her about the boat flooding and that is when she freaked out. We ran up to the dining room where the rest of the family was. They were also scared. I felt the boat starting to tip. I knew this would be the end.

    Beep, beep, beep! I sat up so fast and breathing really hard. I was in my own room. It was calm and peaceful. I went to the kitchen to see my family with my blueberry scones. Thankfully, It was all a dream.     


By Claire Pothier

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