The Art of Ice Cream Experience

I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream! The Art of Ice Cream Experience is an interactive photo museum located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Art of Ice Cream opened on November 25th. It is a perfect place to take some trendy pictures. Co-Owner, Deborah Fiorentino says, “The Art of Ice Cream  is fun, social, and immersive experience that all ages will enjoy.”

The Art of Ice Cream (A.O.I.C.E.) is made up of eight rooms each with a cool ice cream theme different from the rest. One being Banana Split room. The room includes a large banana split soft sculpture. The banana split itself is made from a hot pink canoe with with soft ice cream scoops (pillows)and a variety of toppings. The split is also ten feet long with three scoops. You can even sit on and pick up the scoops!



Another room at the Art of Ice Cream Experience is the Neapolitan Beach room. The room includes a ball pit and a ceiling of umbrellas. With old timey style ice cream scoops on the 2 of the 4 walls. The other side of this room has aesthetically pleasing pink walls with a pink boardwalk paired with a pink umbrella, flamingo sculpture and pink beach chairs.

Shake it up room is milkshake themed.The room has a large milkshake and a wall of milkshake machines. One wall has a quote from a famous song and a jumbo bean bag chair to sink into.The whole room is a cute blue color.

The A.O.I.C.E has featured art by @iamjpierce on Instagram. Pierce has 14.3k followers. And he has done work for The Mac and Cheese Festival, Planet traveler, Liberty Clothing, along with many murals.  While he has work elsewhere he did a lot for the A.O.I.C.E. including: the popsicle wall, sprinkle lips, DJ dreamsicle booth and much more.

Once you have gone through all of the eight rooms you will meet an old fashioned stand where you receive a free ice cream cone. After receiving the cone you can circle back to the rooms how many times you please.

Tickets to the Art of Ice Cream Experience are sale now on their website Tickets cost $25.00 for twelve and older, $15.00 for three to eleven year olds, and free for ages under two. When buying your tickets you are buying to go at a time slot and you are expected to go at that time.

Instagram blogger, Kristen Keogh, who attended the influencer exclusive premiere, says “It was great! I’m excited to see the full reveal and to take friends and family for experience.”

Overall The Art of Ice Cream is whimsical, creative, communal and amusing experience that everyone will love. So go give The Art of Ice Cream a visit you will not be let down. Let’s say cone-gradulations to the opening A.O.C.I.E.
By Jordyn Carter

Picture Credits  Joe Nardecchia


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