Editorial: Are Students Responsible in Class?

Are students responsible in class? As students, some of us may think that we are very responsible. But sometimes, that’s not the case. At one point in our lives, we all have had a very important responsibility. Either that responsibility is done or it’s not. There are people that are and aren’t responsible for several reasons; some are disrespectful, but some stay on task and do their work. A few people gave me their opinions on this topic from 7th grade students to 8th grade teachers.

In some Grizzlies opinions, we aren’t responsible. As stated by Ashton Barnhart, an eighth grader, “No, they aren’t responsible. Kids now just don’t care about school anymore.” To me, this is true. Some of us don’t do our homework and we have 8th hour for that, but sometimes kids skip 8th hour. So, what could we do to be better students? Could we keep a reminder on our phones, or maybe have a deadline at night for homework? It’s not just about homework, though. “No, kids aren’t responsible. They are disrespectful, towards both teachers and students. Also, 8th hour doesn’t help discipline students, they keep doing it,” says Alyssa De Wolf, another eighth grader. Some students are disrespectful towards teachers and even fellow students in ways such as, bullying, teasing, and physically or mentally harming them. Lastly, quoted by Ms. Emerson, “No, I don’t believe that students are responsible. Some are, but not all. Behavior in class and excuses in class on homework and other assignments are an issue.” I personally agree. We always have excuses on why we don’t have assignments done, and we have yes boxes to help us with that.

There was a lot of evidence to back up the opinion “no” ,but “yes” is just as equal. “Yes, I do believe that students are responsible. Because if all kids didn’t do their homework, and stay on task, then everyone would be getting 8th hour,” quoted Andrew Lopresti,a seventh grader, and that is mainly true. If we didn’t have kids who are responsible, then we would have the whole school going to 8th hour! Some students stay on task and are good to the teachers, which is supported by Ms. Heermans who said, “Yes, I do believe that students are responsible. I see how hard they work and what’s expected of them gets done. They don’t get too distracted, and they do a good job of being focused. Once in awhile, chromebooks are an issue, but they normally get back on track.” I believe with the right teachers, students could become more responsible.

As I stated in the first paragraph, students can be both responsible and irresponsible. Brynna Greer, an eighth grader, agrees with me when she says, “Both, it just depends on the student. Some are responsible, and some are not, they can either be A+ students or troublemakers.” If we could do some of the good things in school like get homework done or respect teachers maybe we we could earn more privileges throughout the years.

By Kaylee Love

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