Spotlight: Shea Stayner

Shea Stayner is an intelligent eighth grader here at Greenfield Junior High. This year she agreed to start cross country after her mom begged her. She thought it would be very hard but she ended up really liking it. During Shea’s free time, she like to have friends over to play board games. Some of Shea’s hobbies are playing the viola and the piano. When asked what the most daring thing she has done Stayner said, “When I jumped off of a moving golf cart.” In five years, Stayner sees herself at college attending Brigham Young University (BYU). She has recently made the top level of an extracurricular orchestra group. Not only did Shea make the top level, she made the first chair! Shay’s favorite food would probably have to be barbecue sandwiches. Stayner’s favorite color is blue, and when she was asked what her favorite book was, she replied, “That is a hard one.” I followed up with the question: how many books have you read, and she replied, “That is an even harder question because, I have read so many books.” Even though she doesn’t have a favorite book or series, she has a favorite author: Stewart Gibbs. Shea’s favorite subject is Social Studies because of her favorite teacher, Miss Emerson.

Five interesting things about Shea are: she has three siblings (she is the second oldest), stayner  has moved once in her life but hasn’t ever been “the new kid,” shae likes building things especially with her dad, she would much rather play sports rather than watching sports. Stayner also said she probably has played almost every sport because when she was younger shae switched from sport to sport to see which one she liked best.

To conclude, Shea is a bright amazing student here at our Greenfield Junior High School. If you see her in the halls say “Hi”.

By Grace Gurr

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