Profile: Joshua Isaacs

Joshua Isaacs is a 7th grader who has played baseball for two years, and football and fighting for three years. He loves those sports because, quoted by Josh, “They are strategic.” Speaking of hobbies, Josh loves to hangout with his friends and in his freetime, he is normally on social media. Also, his favorite place is a friends house or just his bedroom to relax.

Joshua’s favorite TV series is called Saving Private Ryan and he loves the color black. He also loves science with Ms. Heckel because you get to eat food, and have a little bit of fun in the class. Speaking of school, his favorite thing about Greenfield is the friends you make. In his opinion, Junior High is better than elementary school because he gets to meet new people. Also, his favorite food is pizza rolls and his biggest fear is not knowing what happens when you die. It’s actually pretty scary to think about. His favorite song by Franz Ferdinand is called, “Take Me Out”. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to the San Diego Beach because he loves surfing. Lastly, his favorite childhood memory is hanging out with teenagers when he came home from school.

Josh has two dogs, one named Yogi which is a Staffy and the other is Sadie which is a female Mutt. I asked Josh who he thinks knows him best and he said, “My dog, Yogi. I talk to him about a lot of things, whether they are bad or good.” Overall, Josh is a pretty good friend and can’t wait for next year.

By Kaylee Love

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