Dutch Bros or Starbucks Coffee?

In Arizona, a couple of the most popular coffee shops are Dutch Bros and Starbucks. My personal opinion is that Starbucks is better because it tastes a lot sweeter. In comparison, Dutch is less expensive than its competitor, and you can get bigger cups. Starbucks has four sizes: tall, grande, venti, and trenta while Dutch offers small, medium, and large. Dutch has not only coffee but many more drinks such as tea, smoothies, hot cocoa, and soda. Some of the Starbucks drinks have become famous like the Unicorn Frappuccino and Pumpkin Spice Latte, while most Dutch drinks aren’t well known. Starbucks has special drinks for the Holidays and a secret menu which you can ask for or have to say a specific thing at every Starbucks to get a drink of the secret menu. Starbucks has 11,457 locations in USA alone while Dutch only has 284 locations. Starbucks brought in 10.7 billion dollars last year, which is more than twice as much as Donald Trump’s net worth.

In a poll of 5 students, 80% of them said that Starbucks is better. One of these students said they get a white mocha iced frappuccino that is blended with ice and tastes like a slushy with cream on top. Two other students, Anthony Bui and Josh Lemon, said “My favorite drink is Vanilla Bean Frappuccino.” Another favorite mentioned by students is the Pumpkin Spice Latte or frappuccino.

In conclusion, Starbucks and Dutch Bros are two competing coffee companies in Arizona who both offer similar products. Although Dutch Bros is better priced and is more healthy, I found that most students including myself, prefer the taste of Starbucks drinks better than Dutch Bros. What do you like more? comment down below.


By Garret Chastain

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  1. I like Starbucks way more than Dutch Bros! And I’ll have to agree with Anthony Bui and Josh Lemon, I really like The Vanilla Bean Frappuccino too!


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