Review on Oreos

Oreo is a food brand and are one of the biggest cookie companies in the world. Oreo is owned by Nabisco and was established in 1912.  Over 362 billion oreos have been sold to date and there have been more than 50 types of Oreos. Pretty much everyone at Greenfield Jr  High knows about and has eaten Oreos.

Oreos are sold in the United States, China, Venezuela, Canada, Indonesia and many other countries around the world. I sampled 6 different Oreo flavors: red velvet, peanut butter, cookie butter mystery, cinnamon bun, and birthday cake. In my opinion Birthday cake was by far the worst. The smell alone would put you off. It is absolutely disgusting it tastes bitter. The best was the cinnamon bun which is sweet and tastes pretty good however it’s much better with milk. My second favorite was the red velvet which tasted pretty much like the real thing although it did taste a little more bitter. Peanut  butter was dry even in milk but it tasted okay. Cookie butter was pretty much the same as the peanut butter.

The best Oreos is by far are the Double Stuffed as ranked by 8 out of 10 students polled at Greenfield Jr High. Some people say there should be a Triple Stuffed Oreo which would really put the Double Stuffed to shame. But the Oreos that I, and a lot of other people love are the Mint Oreos which are really good. Most Oreos cost around 5 dollars a package but you can get bigger or smaller sizes of them most at stores such as Walmart, Target, Winco, Bashas, Safeway, and pretty much any grocery store in the world. They have become famous for their shape and taste consisting of 2 chocolate disks and 1 dry cream filling in between them. A lot of people just eat the cream in between the 2 chocolate disks and throw away the disks. The Oreo Company relocated its factory to Mexico in 2017 and some people started eating a knock off of Oreos for this reason.

   In conclusion Oreo is a famous brand that makes many different flavors of delicious cookies, Oreo is loved by many,  and is the one of the biggest treat companies in the USA.

By Garret Chastain

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