Sports Article: 8th Grade Boys Basketball

The Grizzlys’ 8th Grade Basketball team is working as hard as possible to win this year’s championship title. With Mr. Burge as the coach, the season is off to a good start.

Elijah Johnson is one of the basketball players. His position is a guard. As a guard. he has many responsibilities, including keeping the ball away from the hoop. “It is very difficult because you don’t want to disappoint your teammates,” Elijah stated. His position is very special because it’s only equipped for certain players, like Elijah. Elijah started basketball around the age of five, and later started playing for a team called Firestorm. Speaking of which, the reason why he tried out for the basketball team was because of his best friend Kayden Roper. Kayden, also a member of the team on Firestorm, told him to try out for the team because he believed that the team needed him on it. Before Elijah tried out, he did have some doubts at practice like thinking someone else was better than him, but he knew he would make it. His favorite part about basketball is meeting new people and getting better at it each time.

Price Shelly is another great player on the team. He started basketball at age 3 or 4. Although he didn’t make the team last year, he worked harder to make it this year. His position is a shooting guard and it’s not that difficult, but it is important. This position is special because it mixes all of the positions together. Price’s favorite part about basketball is the energy and meeting new players. He chose to tryout because he loves playing basketball, but he was skeptical about making the team because of last year.

Overall, this year we have some amazing players and an amazing coach. They play on Mondays and Thursdays so come cheer them on at the games!

By Kaylee Love

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