Staff Profile- Ms. Byers

Ms. Byers is one of the most loved teachers here at GrJHS! She teaches 8th grade Honors Science and 7th grade Mini STEM. Byers has been teaching for 12 years and 7 of those years have been here at Greenfield Junior High School. Ms. Byers’ favorite part about her job is the students because she loves working with kids. Although she loves her job, Ms. Byers’ dream job has been to be a nature photographer. Byers received a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and a Master’s Degree in Education. She earned them from the University of Rhode Island.

Ms. Byers’ biggest role model is her mom. As a mother herself, Ms. Byers is most proud of her children, Grace and Jake. Besides her two children, Ms. Byers owns 2 crazy puppies. Even though she  loves her dogs, dolphins are still her favorite animals. The best part of Ms. Byers’ day is when all the dishes are washed and the homework is done. Her all-time favorite holiday is Christmas because she loves to spend time with her family. On her days off, Ms. Byers loves to go hiking and travel whenever possible. She loves the beach and wishes she could spend all her time there. When asked what she would do with $1 million, she said she would buy a house on the beach. Byers loves Wonder Woman and all that she stands for. Her favorite type of food to eat is Indian because she loves spicy food. Ms. Byers also loves anything chocolate.

Ms. Byers is such a wonderful teacher here at Greenfield Junior High School. She would like to encourage all students to always be kind. We are so lucky and glad to have Ms. Byers here at Greenfield Junior High School!

By Jenna Westenskow

Photo Credits Jenna Westenskow

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