He Said/She Said: Pumpkin Spice

With the Fall season here, pumpkin spice has invaded almost every type of food possible. Some people are total fans of the fad but others despise it. Let’s ask some GrJHS students and faculty what they think in this month’s edition of He Said, She Said!

Nathan Gurr (8th Grader)- “No. Anything pumpkin is gross. Besides pumpkin cookies, I think all pumpkin is gross.”
Avery Wayment (8th Grader)- “No. Certain pumpkin treats are nasty. Some are…okay. But the artificial flavor and smell gives me a headache.”
IMG_3814 (1)
Kendyl Arnett (7th Grader)- “YES! I love it! Pumpkin spice is the best. Everything pumpkin is my favorite!”
IMG_3816 (1)
Dylan Beyman (7th Grader)- “I’m not sure. I’ve never had it before.”
unnamed (5)
Ms. Emerson (8th Grade Teacher)- “Yes. Not as a coffee but all other desserts yes. Especially with cinnamon on top.”

unnamed (4)


Mr. Powell (8th Grade Teacher)- “I like pumpkin spice but not as much as real Pumpkin. I’m not big on artifical flavors.”


By Jenna Westenskow

Photo Credits: Jenna Westenskow


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