Is Tesla the Future?

Tesla is one of the biggest car and electric companies out there. But Tesla is taking another leap into technology and electricity. Tesla new product are making solar panels and something that they call a power wall..They made two more cars, called the roadster and a semi.

Tesla new product are solar panels. Some companies like LG and Panasonic make solar panels but tesla does it different and they are more advanced. They have a very sleek and clean design so they blend into your roof. They get more energy and produce it quicker. They do cost more by 6,500 dollars which will put a gap in your pocket. But it will better the environment.

The next product Tesla will come out soon is the power wall. A power wall stores energy and in case of a emergency say a power outage happened, you could use the extra energy for your house for about 7 days. It gets the energy from the solar panels. It works with an electric car too. It gets the stored energy from the solar panels from the day and then uses some of it at night. The powerwall is expensive too. It cost a rough 5,000 dollars for buying, shipping and installing it at your house.

Their last concept is two cars that are called the Roadster and the Semi. The Roadster is their sport coupe that goes 0-60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds which makes it the fastest car in the world, and has a range of over 600 miles. Their other car is a huge Semi. It’s a very aerodynamic car that has a range of 500 miles.

Tetris is a block game where you have blocks that come out from the top of the screen and fall down. The person who is playing is move the block and change the direction of the block. Once you have made a complete line then you get a Tetris. Another game that came out with the Game Boy is Super Mario land. The game is a adventure game with a character named Mario. And princess Peach gets captured by Browser the giant turtle. They have made so many fun remakes of it. It became one of the biggest game franchises in the gaming world. A fun fact, tetris was the biggest game series Nintendo came out with and sold over 30 million copies! They came out with other games like Tennis and Baseball but those didn’t do as well as Tetris or even Super Mario.

The Game Boy has revolutionized the gaming industry in many ways by making it smaller and very affordable. It has given ideas to other gaming companies to do better with their gaming consoles. But the Game Boy will go down in history as the best, most fun gaming console in in the gaming industry.

Tons of critics and people are saying that Tesla is the future. Their cars and technology that are coming out are very impressive. Could Tesla become the future or not?

By Zach Mumman

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