Life Forms That Could Survive a Nuclear War

    From impending doom from a nuclear war, it’s a wonder on everyone’s mind what could survive such a catastrophe.

    The cockroach is one of mankind’s worst pests that can  survive a nuclear war. A cockroach could have survived being 1000 feet away from the bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. This ability comes from slow production of cell which only reproduce every 48 hours, so the risk of cellular mutation is greatly lowered.

    A pest worse than cockroaches, and a pain to be stung by are scorpions. These pests could survive an atomic bomb. Scorpions are not harmed by ultraviolet light. In fact they glow under black lights. Scorpions are vulnerable to radiation but they are likely to survive because they can hide underground and in small crevices.

    A fish know as the mummichog is a very special fish that could survive a hydrogen bomb.  Fish are not normally known to have a high survival rate, but this fish could literally survive anywhere. It’s been known to survive in the hottest and most polluted waters. This fish has even been to space and produced offsprings normally. This ability comes from them being able shut off genes. It has also  been observed that they change their body parts to adjust to new environments.They could survive nuclear war for sure

    In conclusion, a nuclear war will cause widespread devastation to any life forms but there are still many life forms that could survive. These three examples I presented were only some of  many others that could survive.

By Garret Chastain

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