Editorial: Cleaning Up After Lunch

Yes, we are talking about this again. That is how out of control this problem has gotten! Come on. How hard is it to pick up after yourself?

It is very simple: you pick up your trash and put it in the trash can. And guess what? The trash can is literally 3 feet away! It is terrible how entitled students feel they are. If we want to be treated like mature, responsible human beings, then we should act like it! Yes, I understand that we are teenagers and we all forget things. Or that you meant to come back and pick it up, but when you went to talk to your friend the bell rang before you could get back. And there’s the trash, still sitting on your table. Imagine how much cleaner our campus would be if people learned how to pick up their trash! And think how happy the custodians and building managers would be.

Do you all remember when there were a BUNCH of bees everywhere? Well if we don’t pick up our trash, then they will come back. It is on you, me… us! Let’s make sure we never have a bee problem ever again! But that means we all have to change. Although it is an extremely simple change, some students seem to be struggling.

Starting today, I’m begging all of you to PICK UP YOUR DANG TRASH! I do not care if it isn’t yours. Pick. It. Up. If it’s on the ground, well too bad so sad. You now have to bend down and pick it up. That must be exhausting! I’m so sorry that you had to pick up after yourself. Let’s set a precedent for all future GrJHS students to come, so this will never have to be talked about again. And fair warning, if the problem escalates to the point that the teachers have to get involved… good luck to us!

Now go and remind your friends to pick up their trash after lunch or pick it up and throw it away yourself! I challenge each and every student on campus to leave their lunch areas spotless for a whole week. I know we can do it!

By Jenna Westenskow

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