Online Vs. Traditional School

While most of the population goes to a traditional school, there’s also an alternative; online school. There are several pros and cons to an online schedule for students. Online school is very different experience from a traditional school. First of all, unlike traditional school, the schedule isn’t set in stone. Online schools offer a very flexible schedule to fit your own needs. This schedule can be great maybe for kids’ whose families travel a lot and the courses can also be accessed with ease. Some other pros of online school include no daily commute and access to your courses 24/7. Although there are several pros to an online academic path, there are also several down sides to it. Among these cons, is the lack of social interaction. With no social communication, this could possibly lead to social problems later on in life. Another con is the lack of one on one teacher assistance. If you are struggling with an assignment for your online courses, it may be hard to get help from an online teacher. Online school also may not be as good of an academic choice as a regular school. Overall, online school may be a good choice for families who travel a lot or just might not be able to attend a traditional school. The choice between online and traditional school all comes down to what fits your needs and life.                                                                                           

By Carter Catado
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