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Have you ever heard of the amazing game known as HQ Trivia? If you like trivia, then trust me, you are going to want to download this app immediately. This game allows people to interact with friends easier, win cash, and have fun.

For starters, go to the App Store or to the Google Play Store. Download the app next and follow the steps once you open. It is actually that easy! This game has twelve questions ranging from easy to hard. The Q’s, aka questions, come from all over the world, both past and present. For example, question one could be, what bit Spiderman, while question twelve could be, what was the capital of the Persian Empire. One of the most popular, funny, and upbeat hosts is Scott Rogowsky. This is a game that contains a cash prize, right now the current prize is $2,000, but has rose all the way up to $18,000! This app takes on the form of a live game show at 1pm MST and at 7pm MST. Hopefully, you will get all 12 multiple choice Q’s right in order to win your share of $2,000. Once you win, you are able to cash out at $20 using paypal. The top person in the HQ realm has earned a whopping $6,000! There is currently over 1.2 million people play this spectacular game.

This app can be quite tough sometimes. Some of our fellow Grizzlies had a few words to say about HQ. Cohen Hassell stated, “It’s a fun game and it allows me to try to win money. It also brings my whole family together around dinner time. I first got into this game when my brother showed it to me.” Another grizzly that goes by the name of Natalie Madrid replied, “This game is really challenging since you only get 10 seconds to answer. I just recently started to play this game as well, so my high score is only five.” These are the answers that I got when these people were asked what their thoughts on HQ were. On the other hand, my personal opinion is that this app can be quite frustrating at times, but even though it’s frustrating, my high score just so happens to be Q eight. There’s also many other Grizzlies that play this game, but these were just a few.

This wonderful app allows one to play separately with their friends, win cash, and have fun. When playing this game you are sure to have a great time with the unique hosts. The thought of winning the cash prize sounds so terrific and thrilling, right? Imagine what you could do with $2,000. Make sure to test your luck daily at 1pm MST and at 7pm MST!


By Aidan Maes

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