Short Story – Lost Hiker

One day, a young man named Josh and his three friends decided to hike up a mountain to get some cool photos of the sunset that was going to take place right around 6:00 at night. The mountain that they wanted to hike was called Mount Rattle. Mount Rattle, well known for the treacherous hike it takes to get to the top and all the wild animals that live there and come out in the night, but the group of friends decided to take the risk thinking that it would be a piece of cake. Josh and his friends started their journey at 2:00, knowing that it would take at least a couple of hours to get to the top and they sure didn’t want to miss the sunset. The hike to the top was very easy for the group as far as difficulty, but the trails were not marked very clearly, so they had a little bit of a tough time guiding their way to the top. Once Josh and his friends reached the top around 5:15, they all set up their camera gear and waited for the sunset to come. As the sunset came, they all snapped their photos, maxing out the amount of photos their cameras could hold. After the group of friends snapped all their pictures, they decided to head back down to the bottom of the mountain. While they hiked to the base, Josh was looking at the photos on his camera and soon realized that they were blurry. He said, “You guys get to the bottom and I’ll meet you guys by the car.” Josh then raced to the top of the mountain again trying not to miss the last bits of the sunset. He then reached the top and snapped his photo, making sure that this one wasn’t blurry. He then packed up his camera gear again and started towards the bottom of the mountain. As Josh headed to the base of the mountain, he soon had realized he had no idea which way he was going. He searched for a couple hours for the route to the start of Mount Rattle. He couldn’t find it. Josh began to panic and then sorted out his camera gear to see if he had anything to get anyone’s attention with. He checked his camera and saw that he had only three percent battery on it. He waited hours for a plane, helicopter, or anyone to use that three percent he had left. Now was his time, he saw a plane in the distance that was heading right over Mount Rattle. Josh turned his camera on and took a several pictures aimed at the plane with his highest flash setting on. The plane passed by and nothing happened… or so he thought. Apparently the plane saw Josh’s flash and immediately sent a signal over to the airport to send a helicopter to Mount Rattle. As soon as Josh saw the helicopter, he was thrilled. The chopper flew him down to the base of the mountain and he was reunited with his friends who were extremely worried while waiting in the car. On the car ride home, Josh told his friends about his crazy adventure without leaving out a single detail.

By Carter Catado

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