Profile: Rylan Chacon

Do you know Rylan Chacon? He is a 12 year old 7th grader here at Greenfield Junior High who loves playing basketball and football. His favorite class here at Greenfield is math, and he’s really good at doing it! Rylan says he loves math so much because of his awesome math teacher, Ms. Dewarrat. Rylan’s favorite movie is Jumanji, and his favorite TV show is Spongebob. He likes to play basketball, and he’s really good at it! Chacon’s favorite place to go on vacation is Las Vegas, and he loves to go there. He says that if he ever were to win the lottery, he would travel around the world and see all of the famous landmarks from all around the globe. (and probably go to Las Vegas). Rylan says that in his free time, he likes to play basketball and football, like I said above. He also likes to hang out with his friends.

When he grows up, Rylan wants to go Arizona State University (ASU). He’s planning on becoming a professional basketball player. Rylan’s favorite food is Pizza. He loves it. A really cool and crazy fact about Rylan is that he has two different colored eyes (one green and one brown), which you can see in the picture. Crazy, right?

Rylan is a really cool guy, so if you do not know him, you should! If you ever do see him in the hallways here at Greenfield Junior high, make sure you wave and say “hi”, because he is really awesome!

By Katelyn Kolstad

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