Sports Article: Winter Cheer

The Winter cheerleading season went really well this year! The cheer team worked hard and had a lot of fun together! I interviewed one of Greenfield Junior High’s cheerleaders, Edynne Treece, asking how the season went.

Edynne said that the best part about being on the school’s cheer team is working together and making a bond with your teammates. Treece says that the team loves practicing their stunts and being able to perform at the basketball games at halftime and show everyone what they’ve got. Edynne also says another great thing about the cheer team is their awesome teacher, Ms. D! She says Ms. D is funny, entertaining, and super nice!

As a lot of our Grizzly athletes may know, trying out for a sport can be really scary. When I asked them, all of the Grizzly Cheerleaders said that cheer tryouts were really stressful for them. Their tips for trying out for a sport are to stay calm and never give up on your dreams. If you don’t make it this year, remember that you should always keep trying and never give up! That’s some really great advice from the Greenfield Cheerleaders!

The cheer team has definitely made a lot of progress since they first started the season in November. According to Edynne, they are ten times better at their stunts, their cheers, their dancing, and everything else! You can definitely tell that when a team works hard together, they get a lot done!

The Greenfield Junior High cheer team is really good, and we can all say that we are all proud of our Grizzly cheerleaders!

By Katelyn Kolstad

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