Are School Rules fair?

School rules are very important to the students on the greenfield Jr. high campus. If people break them and get caught in the moment, they would get a punishment; but some rules at school are a bit too much! For example, the dress code in schools, detention and the punishments they get when they get after detention.

One major rule that students complain about the dress code that they have at the school. A common school uniform for students is a button up shirt and khakis that are tan or the school colors. The reason why students get angry and furious about this rule in school is because kids should have the freedom to wear what they want. But sometimes students take that freedom to far. They get carried away and forget the dress code. That’s why schools push the dress code and even school uniforms.

Another topic that students complain about is detention in school. There are different types of detention. After school detention, lunch detention, and even saturday detention! The most common detention. Greenfield Jr. high is called, “8th hour”. What you do is walk into a classroom (or a library) and sometimes if the teacher or the person watching you is nice enough, they let work on homework. Detention usually lasts thirty to forty minutes, which is about half an hour or a class period. Students really want want to get rid of detention once and for all, but that won’t happen soon.

The last rule that students try to stay away from is school suspension. It is the worst form of punishment that could happen to you. How do you get suspended; if you get in a fight or if you do vandalize school property, school suspension could last a day or even last a long two weeks! Another thing that happens if you get suspended is that it is permanently on your school record. That means that when a college is looking for students or to accept them, they check your record. Suspension does not look good on your report card.

There are a bunch of other rules at schools, but those are the biggest rules. Schools keep pushing these rules and want to improve them at any cost. More and more schools want to have these rules become serious to students.

By  Zack Mumman

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