Editorial: Should Pets Be Allowed In School?

This is an unlikely debate: should pets be allowed in school? This seems like an unimportant and stupid question, but seriously, what if you walked around with your cat, Fluffy? Of course, there are some downsides, but if we worked those out, how cool would it be to go to school with your best friend? The first downside is allergies. People would be sneezing around the clock, itching all the time, and, for those who have extreme allergies, their throats could close up, which is deadly. But what if we only allowed hypoallergenic animals in, like poodles, Wheaten terriers, and Devon Rex cats? This would solve the allergy problem in a snap! Although this means a lot of animals would not be able to come to school, the environment would be a lot safer. The next downside is noise. Dogs would see each other and go crazy. Barking, meowing, growling, and hissing would become part of our lives in school. The problem with this? Studying and paying attention. How on earth are you going to ace your math final if Spot, your pet, is yapping to another dog? The solution: extremely disciplined animals. Of course, this means eliminating even more animals, but school is more important than animals. After analyzing, I think that animals should be allowed in school. Yes, it would be noisy and we risk allergic reactions, but think of the positives: your best friend at school, playing with your pet, and just seeing them! How cool is that?


By Macy Taylor

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