Editorial: Smartboards vs Whiteboards

The world around us is changing. Phone businesses, car companies, and even grocery stores are expanding their technology horizons and looking to the future. So why shouldn’t our school?

There is one significant thing that I’m thinking of. You guessed it; the big, bad whiteboard! Already some classrooms have implemented the Smartboard, a prefered educational tool. Grace Gurr (7th) said, “One of the reasons I choose Smartboards over whiteboards is because it’s easier for math; instead of reading and writing out the story for each math problem, the problem is already on the board. Smartboards are more efficient too.  And my math teacher, Mr. Powell, uses different colors to highlight and help create a good visual.” I agree with Grace’s opinion. I prefer Smartboards too, it’s way easier to present slides and projects.

A lesson done on a Smartboard can be saved, shared, then stored away in a drive to make room for more activities, because it hooks up to a projector and special screen. On a whiteboard, you have to erase  all that you’ve written in order to have available space. Everybody knows how hard it is to clean a whiteboard. It seems like the colors never leave! All it takes with a smartboard, though, is one click. However, I know that a click can get you lost. Ms. Turley, a 7th Grade Social Studies teacher stated, “I like whiteboards because I’m in control; I erase and arrange. If you don’t know how to use a Smartboard, you press one thing and you mess everything up.” Despite this flaw, my opinion of Smartboards is still high. I mean, there is always the “redo” button.

The real deal-breaker is the cost. Whiteboards are already installed and functioning (however primitively), where Smartboards’ establishment would be pricey, but completely worth it! Teachers would have the ability to create advanced lessons and reuse them in multiple classes (in a fraction of the time is used to take) at their fingertips! Plus, it’s amusing to fool around with Smartboards. “I like Smartboards because they are fun to play with,” Jenna Westenskow (8th) said. In conclusion, Smartboards rank higher than whiteboards in my book. I believe that Smartboards at Greenfield Jr. High would greatly improve and enhance students’ day-to-day learning!

By  Becky Wood

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