Editorial: The Pros and Cons of Schools Uniforms

School uniforms have been a controversial topic for many years now. Are school uniforms a good or a bad idea?

According to, 2,719 people took a survey, with or against school uniforms. 1,895 don’t support school uniforms and 824 do. In my personal opinion, I believe school uniforms are a good idea, but I do not want to wear them. Some pros of school uniforms are that it would decrease the violence and bullying in school because it would prevent from making fun of a child’s clothes. In other words, everyone would be wearing the same clothes. Another pro, or positive, to school uniforms is that there would be no need for teachers and administrators to be the “clothing police.” For example, determining whether shorts or skirts are too short and strap are too skinny, and so on. The last pro of school uniforms is that they can help students resist peer pressure to buy trendy clothes like name brands.

There are also cons to school uniforms. One of the most important and concerning cons is the price of uniforms. The average cost of school uniforms for parents per year is $249. Another con of school uniforms is that it may interfere with religious clothing such as a kippah, a hat usually worn in Judaism. The last con is that a new clothing policy could be very time consuming and the policy could also be difficult to enforce.

Considering the pros and cons of school uniforms, they would be very helpful but may also be uncooperative. What do you think about school uniforms, are they a good or bad idea?

By Lillian Wittek

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