Know The Rules: Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a super fun card game that can be played with two – five people. You can find this game online or at Target. The goal of the game is to not draw an exploding kitten. To set up the game, take the deck and separate out all of the defuses and exploding kittens. Then, give every person a defuse. Next, assess the number of players. If you have two players, set aside ONE exploding kitten. If you have three players, set aside TWO exploding kittens. If you have four players, set aside THREE exploding kittens. And if you have five players, then you will set aside all FOUR exploding kittens. The purpose of this is to make sure everyone gets an exploding kitten except one person. Then, deal everyone four cards and shuffle the extra defuses and kittens you set aside back in the deck. Select someone to go first. If that person wants to play, then they will set that card down and do that instruction. Example: Maia played a SEE THE FUTURE. This means that she gets to see the top three cards secretly. There are also shuffles, where you shuffle the deck, a favor, when someone gives you a card of their choice, a nope, where you can stop anyone from doing an action, or an attack, where you can skip your turn and force the next person to draw two cards, and a skip card, which means you skip drawing. There are also cards that you don’t have a message on them. (Read: cattermelon, tacocat, rainbow ralphing cat, beard cat, and hairy potato cat). If you play two of the same card, you can ask to randomly select a card from one of your opponents. If you play three of the same card, you can ask someone for a card of your choice. Example: Lyla played three potato cats and asked Junie for an attack. If Junie has an attack, she has to give it to Lyla. If she doesn’t, Lyla gets nothing. If you play five different cards, you can select a card from the discard pile. After you play (you can play as many cards as you want), you have to draw UNLESS you played a skip or an attack. Then, the next person goes. If you draw an exploding kitten, then you have to use your defuse to save yourself. If you don’t have a defuse, you have to put them in the discard pile and you can secretly put the exploding kitten back in the deck anywhere you want. You can even put it on the top to get your brother! Once everyone except the winner gets an exploding kitten, the game is over. You can rematch to get your sister, but that round is over. It’s a super fun game, and I hope you like it! It’s easy and fun and any age can play it. It’s a fun game to play with your friends, and it’s better to play with more people because there are more exploding kittens. Enjoy!


By  Macy Taylor

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