Photojournalism: School Rules

Welcome back Grizzlys, from your Winter break. We know you guys just got back from break, but we still expect you to follow the rules.
We want to make sure you Grizzlys are having a good attitude towards everyone. So please make sure you’re always being respectful, not bullying, listening to your teachers, following directions, etc.
And please don’t be disturbing  your fellow classmates.
NO GUM!! It’s not a teacher rule, or even a school rule, it’s the Gilbert district rule to not allow gum at school. Look down when you’re walking.
See those black stains on the school campus ground? Guess what those are from … Rule breakers. We find gum wads on the cement. We need to be more responsible and throw our gum away in the trash can so that this doesn’t keep on happening
We need to be more responsible and throw our gum in the trash so that this doesn’t keep happening.
Irresponsible kids also end up putting heir unflavored gum wads under desk tops.
Trash is a big issue here. Seventh graders leave their trash for the 8th graders, and the 8th graders leave their trash for the custodians to pick up. When you leave your trash it attracts animals, but mostly bees- which some kids are highly allergic to. Please pick up after yourself!
Please don’t let this happen again!
If you’ve ever seen other junior high schools you could tell that our school campus is by far the prettiest, and we hope to keep it that way. To help us, please stay off the grass and throw away your trash! By doing this, you will help out community stay organized.
Do your Homework- One of the many issues at our school is how many kids get 8th hour or detention. On one day this year, there’s been over forty kids in 8th hour at once! One of the reasons why kids are getting detention is because they aren’t doing their homework. Also, when they don’t do their homework they get a bad grade in their class. So just do your homework, keep your grades up, and stay out of 8th hour, and then you should be doing just fine in school.

Have Fun!- School can be very stressful sometimes, especially when there’s a big test coming up. It’s important to remember that it’s okay to be relaxed and to have fun. School isn’t just about tests or homework. It’s about meeting new people, making friends, and having a good time, while you’re still learning. So try to smile a little more, say “Hi” to someone you haven’t met before, and have fun!

By Ellie Frarer

Photo Credits: Ellie Frarer

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