Poetry: Nature and Symbolism

There are many colors that dazzle the world.

Gold and silver capture the eye,

But what about the simple colors?

The colors that started the fun?

Have we forgotten the primary package,

Of the rainbow by the sun?


Red is the color of anger and rage,

But also the ruby of the gentle rose.

The blood of the Red Sea

Still causes some to quake.

With fear? With respect?


Orange can show a distressed face.

This color can confide,

That a sunset is to come,

By the time night is nigh.

Orange can prove,

Whether a fox stole your food.

Or whether a fish swam by.


Yellow represents all the happy in the world.

It also gives us the light from the sky.

Yellow is a daffodil on a warm summer’s day.

Yellow is a little fuzzy duckling waddling from the pond.


Green is the grass on a brilliant bright day.

And the luck that you get from a clover of four.

Green is the calmest days of your life.


Blue shows us all some deep depression,

That one might be experiencing.

The deep navy of the ocean is all some live for.

The greatness and majesty of the Blue Whale,

Will always be a mystery.

Purple represents regret and romance,

But also stormy clouds.

The clouds show that a horrible tempest is to come,

And conduct destruction and havoc.

A brighter shade could be

The delicacy of butterflys wings.

The colors that seemed so simple,

Are now full of meaning.

The symbols and connections with nature,

Have brought a great understanding

To the colors of the rainbow.

By Tessa Geigle
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