Review: Toasted Mallow

Toasted Mallow is a gourmet marshmallow restaurant located at 1034 North Gilbert Road, Gilbert, Arizona, 85234. Originally called Fluff It, this delicious s’more joint offers 17 different types of s’mores. My personal favorite is called The Grasshopper. It includes a mint marshmallow, Andes mints, and a chocolate ganache spread on your choice of two chocolate chip, peanut butter cookies or a graham cracker bowl. That’s the awesome part: you get to choose whether you want your delicious s’more sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies or in a graham cracker bowl. The s’more is in a square shape, and normally has a different flavor, like chocolate, vanilla bean, or mint. There are plenty of other plenty of other flavors to choose from! Toasted Mallow is a small business. You’ll have lots of fun! It’s a great hang-out place because it’s not super expensive, it is an easy-to-find location, and everyone loves s’mores! Toasted Mallow also has drinks. They are super delicious and fancy. I had one that had a marshmallow on the straw – yum! Again, there are tons of flavors that are super delicious and super cool. Whether or not you want a gooey s’more or a delicious drink, you really can’t go wrong. Once again, Toasted Mallow is a super fun place that is yummy, a great hang-out spot, and inexpensive, so you don’t have to ask your parents for some cash!


By Macy Taylor

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