Teacher Vs Student: Standardized Testing

    At an early age, students are introduced to standardized testing such as the Azmerit and AIMS. Standardized testing is a test that the whole school system does. Most students dislike them but there are some people who actually likes them. Anthony Bui is one of these students he says that there necessary to compare student cognitive ability and said he actually like taking them. A teacher: Mr. Allred shared his opinion and said that we need standardized testing to compare student’s intelligence and see what they are qualified for.

    On the other hand, people like Josh Emerick think that they’re not necessary. He said they cause stress and make people depressed and tired. Ms. Daniels said, “I don’t like them. No one does why would we do all these test when we could be learning new lessons?”

    In my opinion they cause more harm than good, and studies have shown school systems without standardized testing do better than ones with. The United States is ranked 17th in the world for their school systems and most countries ahead of us don’t use standardized testing, like Finland, which is ranked number one in the world. Most arguments for standardized testing comes from comparing people’s scores, but I think that isn’t necessary. We know some people have different ways of processing information so most of the time the people who are good at taking tests get better scores than people with more knowledge.. The people who are better at testing have better chances of getting into better colleges than people which should be going into those. It will also stop people who should be getting in classes that require high test grades or sports by taking down your grade. So with all this information why do we keep standardized testing apart of the US schools system? Well people argue that its a tradition and that its been going on forever but it only started 50 years ago which may sound like a while ago but a lot of grandparents didn’t even have to do standardized.

By Garret Chastain

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