Were the 2017 social media challenges really that bad?

Each year challenges come and go. In 2012 there was the Cinnamon Challenge. 2013 brought us the Harlem Shake, and in 2014 there was the Ice Bucket Challenge. We all can admit that some of the challenges have gotten extremely out of hand over the years. Last year, 2017, did not disappoint. The few major challenges that went on in 2017 were the Mannequin Challenge, Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, Running Man Challenge, and the Invisible Box Challenge. But were these challenges all that bad?

The first challenge came to existence in November of 2016. But it became popular in 2017. In this challenge, a group of people hold a position without moving, while being recorded and the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd plays in the background. The goal of this challenge is to imitate mannequins. People share their videos all over social media using the hashtag “#ManneqinChallenge.” Without this challenge we would not have had people freezing in any position every time you heard the song Black Beatles.

This second challenge is a way you can become just like a reality television star in under 2 minutes! In this challenge, you need a cup small enough to fit perfectly around your lips. Once you have the cup around your lips, suck in the air to add pressure. When you remove the pressure, or cup, from your lips, you will have “plump” lips, which is the goal. Sounds cool, right? Wait until you hear the science behind it. When you create the pressure from the suctioning, you are creating negative pressure. When this happens, your blood vessels fill with blood, vessel engorgement. It also sets off chemicals like histamine and leukotrienes. Then they flood the tissue around your face and that’s how you can swell up by your lips and bruise. Was this challenge worth the scarring and bruising?

Next on the list for crazy 2017 challenges is the Running Man Challenge. The song and dance have been around for decades. The song is “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJ. Two teens invented this challenge: Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens, University of Maryland basketball players, who made is popular. The name explains the challenge, you are dancing in a running motion. If it weren’t for this challenge we wouldn’t have had people around the world running in place. I think we can all admit, this challenge was a success.

The most recent challenge, and probably the most difficult to complete is the Invisible Box Challenge. The name is pretty self explanatory but the goal is to almost be a mime. You tap on an imaginary “box” about one foot above the ground and “step over the box.” In August, a video of Dontez Hines, football player, was uploaded of him stepping over the invisible box. It immediately went viral. In early December, a video was released of a cheerleader stepping over the box herself with the caption of “challenge accepted.” That is when the challenge got even more popular. In order to do the Invisible Box Challenge, you need to strengthen your legs and core, give yourself time, practice with a real box, imagine the box, and then hop over it according to This challenge was a literal challenge and people everywhere are still struggling to stay in the air trying to step over an invisible box.

Were the social media challenges in 2017 really that bad? If it weren’t for the many different challenges, we wouldn’t have had as many laughs as we did. All together we had the Mannequin Challenge, Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, Running Man Challenge, and the Invisible Box Challenge.

By Jordan Eulate

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