Editorial: School Uniforms

All people have their opinion on school uniforms. The purpose of school uniforms is to keep the kids from wearing inappropriate clothing or messages on their shirt. Also the kids don’t have to spend a lot of time picking out their clothes for school.

Why should school uniforms be enforced? They should be enforced because kids can be dress coded for what they wear and some shirts have bad messages that are written on their clothing, that goes for boys and girls, big or little and even teachers, just because they are the teachers they still have to follow the rules. It’s not just the clothing, it can be for not wearing enough clothing or see through clothing. Also kids won’t have to spend time picking out clothes for school and won’t be late to class.

 School uniforms shouldn’t be enforced because then kids can’t express themselves (in a good way) like wearing their favorite type of clothes or shoes. Also, you can’t wear new clothing that you get from your family. Kids might get tired of what they wear, and if they’re cold with uniforms they can only wear a sweater or what the school says.

My opinion is yes and no. Yes, because your parents don’t have to go out and keep buying us clothes and they can just keep their money; and you can’t be made fun of because everybody looks the same. Plus, parents don’t have to race around to stores to pick up clothes.  No, because kids will get tired of what they’re wearing and cannot express themselves. So do you want school uniforms?

By Chase Poskey

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