8th Grade Male Profile: Drake Khamis

Drake Khamis is a funny, athletic and very intelligent 8th grade student who wants to be a baseball player when he grows up. Baseball is also Mr. Khamis’s favorite sport and activity Drake also plays club baseball for the Spartans with his good friend Drew Goodman.The accomplishment that he is most proud of  is making the GRJHS baseball team along with his other teammates. Drake is the second youngest in his family, he has a younger brother, an older sister, and two older brothers. That must be hard, but he manages to get through it. Facts about Drake are, he loves food, but his favorite is pizza, his favorite color is blue and his favorite subject is P.E. Drake can be found hanging out with friends including Fisher Camac, Noah Switzer, Casey Nuzman, and Landry Spitler. Khamis also likes to watch videos or play the new and very popular, game Fortnite. Drake is a magnificent kid at Greenfield Junior High. Drake Khamis is one of many kids who haven’t gotten into trouble nor 8th hour Drake does his homework everyday and turns it in on time. In his free time, Drake likes to hit baseballs and also play Fortnite or hang out with  his friends from baseball or school. Drake also is looking forward to 8th grade baseball tryouts in the Spring and hopes to make the team once again. Drake’s favorite game is MLB The Show 18. Looks like Drake Khamis has baseball in his blood and it will remain there forever.


By Chase Poskey

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