OMG: A Quiet Ball Disaster

We all have our fair share of embarrassing moments. It’s almost impossible to avoid them! But one student here at Greenfield has had an experience that, on a scale from one to ten, she rated it as an eight!

    Before we start the story, what is quiet ball? Quiet ball, also known as silent seat ball, is a game in which everyone is sitting on a desk/table. One person tosses a ball to someone else, and then they toss it to another player, and so on and so forth. A participant gets out if they talk (or make any noise), toss the ball too low/too high, or don’t catch the ball. Now, here comes the embarrassing part of the story.

    It all started when the student was in fifth grade. Her and the rest of the class were playing quiet ball at school. Their teacher had told them that they had to throw the ball with their non-dominant hand when someone threw the ball to the soon-to-be humiliated girl. She caught the ball with ease, but when it came time for her to throw the ball to someone else; that was when things went wrong.The ball ricocheted right off of the other student’s desk and hit her straight in the forehead! Needless to say, the ball’s “victim” turned pretty red because of the incident. After all, who wouldn’t be at least a little bit embarrassed after that, right?

    Even though that was very awkward at the moment, now she can look back on the memory and laugh. However, it’s probably best to try your best to completely avoid that type of situation as best as you can at school.

By Lauren Hutchins

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