Other: Why Google is The Most Used Search Engine

Google is the most widely search engine on the internet today. Over three billion searches are received on a daily basis. But what made this search engine eventually better than its competitors?

There are many reasons that Google is the most used engine. The homepage is very simple, it is easy to use, and doesn’t show many ads. It is also user friendly. Google also provides users with better results than any other search engine, and it loads searches quickly. The method of typing keywords makes the search engine find detailed information almost instantly. Another reason is that Google has apps to use too. It has Google maps, Docs, Calendar and many others. Google has also become part of social culture. The engine has been mentioned in many TV shows and movies. Google is so commonly used that it isn’t uncommon for someone to say “just Google it” to learn more about a topic. It shows less ads than some of its homepage rather than some of its competitors like Bing or Yahoo. If Google does show ads on the homepage it is usually is search related to the user. Overall, Google is the most popular search engine because of its user-friendly features and other great things.

By Tristan Andaya

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