Short Story: Stuck in a Blizzard

 400 years ago, a group of 20 villagers went to travel across an Alaskan mountain during the winter to find a better place to live. Their current village location was very dangerous. There were constant snow storms, and food sources were limited . They all planned to leave the next day once all the supplies were ready.

    The day of the trip, one of the villagers got sick so they sadly had to leave them to fend for themselves, in hopes that they had a better chance of surviving. A few hours passed and the villagers were already a fourth of the way to the mountain, trying to take one of the safest paths around the, mountain. What the villagers didn’t know was that a massive blizzard was about to hit them. Once the blizzard hit, they had to find shelter to protect their food and supplies, and survive. The blizzard was so severe that the villagers couldn’t tell if it was day or night, so all of them tried to get some sleep while also trying to survive the storm inside a small cave. Once all of them woke up they realized that that so much snow fell that the entrance of the cave was covered up. Without a source of light none of them could see, and it was extremely cold,. After a while they decided the only thing they could do was the find the entrance and dig out the snow. The only problem was that it was so cold that it made digging out the snow a hard task. It took a while, but they finally hollowed out the entrance and escaped the the cave. The peoples hands who dug out the cave were frostbitten really bad. One of them even lost a finger.

    The blizzard was gone, but there was still snowfall, which delayed their trip further. After three days of hiking past the mountain, they found a safe place to live. Eventually their population grew from 20 to 300 people.

By Tristan Andaya

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