Photojournalism: Black History Month

bhm 1
February is the month for black people’s history. The Greenfield library has a section that contains books of the many great African American people that changed the world for the better.
bhm 2
A few books on African American people have been brought off the shelves. Many of these books probably talk about trials that African Americans went through.
bhm 3
When I think of African American people, I think of Martin Luther King Jr.; however, many of the books didn’t focus only on him. There were, and are, many great black people who have contributed to our country.
bhm 4
A few basic facts about Martin Luther King Jr. are: He was born on January 15th, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin Luther King Jr. was hitched to Coretta Scott in 1953. He had four kids: Martin, Bernice, Yolanda, and Dexter.
bhm 5
Nzingah is an African American girl who lives under the Portuguese rule. She wished to take her land and name back. Many mock her; however, this didn’t stop Nzingha from dreaming.




bhm 6
Yankee Girl is a book where a white girl moves into the south because of her father’s job. An African American girl integrated into the school the white girl was at. Alice, white girl, wants to make friends with the African American girl,   but this proves very difficult.                                                                                                       By Tessa Geigle 

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