Careers For Kids: Dog Walker

Do you need some extra cash, but you’re too young to get a real job? Well, walking dogs is a great way to have fun and make money, especially if you love dogs.

Dog walking is especially good for kids because canines are so loving and you can learn to love them, while getting paid good money. The pay range for walking dogs is from ten dollars to as much as fifty dollars an hour. The amount of money earned for walking dogs is typically more than pet sitting.

Walking dogs is a great job for both the summer and during the school year. While school is in session, you could walk the dog(s) after school. During the summer, children have more than enough time to walk two to five hounds around the neighborhood.This is not only a good way to make money and stay fit, but walking dogs still gives you enough time to finish schoolwork and participate in school activities, as well as extracurricular activities.

You don’t need a lot of money or materials to walk dogs. It may be a smart idea to purchase extra leashes and/or harnesses for the dogs you choose to walk though. Something else that may come in handy is a water bottle, for you and the dogs, to stay hydrated.

Walking neighborhood dogs also comes with some responsibilities. One responsibility is, of course, the fact that you need to keep track of the canine(s) at all times. Not on every walk, but, you will need to pick up the dog droppings so make sure you bring several disposable bags. Be sure to walk routes with at least one trash can to deposit the waste. One more thing to remember is to keep the dog(s) on their leash no matter what.

Since you are expected to walk dogs everyday, you can’t just call in “sick” when you have something going on or are actually sick. You should also have an emergency friend or two to fill in for you when needed. These walks for pups are super important, so be prepared to walk in all weather, for example, the cold, raining, snowing, the heat, etcetera.

Dog walking is a super fun job and it’s exciting to create relationships with these four-legged creatures. When you need money you should definitely consider this. Have fun walking these loving animals, don’t forget your responsibilities, and have fun Greenfield Grizzlies!

By Lillian Wittek
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