Editorial: Is Dance A Sport?

There is a question that has been debated for a long time. Is dancing a sport? Most dancers will tell you that it is. I personally believe that it is because it requires a lot of stamina, flexibility, and endurance. Many people who don’t think that dance is a sport feel that way because they don’t think that walking on your toes and spinning around is athletic or difficult.

First of all, dance should be classified as a sport because a sport is, “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against others for entertainment.” So, my question is, how could dance, by definition, not be considered a sport? Dancers work just as hard as someone who plays baseball or basketball to be as good as they can at what they do. They also compete, and when they step out on the stage, they feel the pressure of their teachers/coaches and fellow dancers to show nothing but perfection in their performance. Does that sound familiar to what “traditional” athletes feel before and during a game?

On the flip side, some people might have the idea that dancing is nothing but fun and games. I get it; how could dancing possibly be athletic? It’s too feminine to be sporty! Dancers don’t even score goals or do anything remotely like that. All they do is put on way too much makeup and a sparkly costume, go out on a stage, and then twirl and hop all over the place. None of that could possibly say “sport.” Doing the splits all the time and waving your arms around isn’t hard to do.

There’s another reason why some may not view dancing as a sport (a less cold-hearted reason). It can also be seen as an art form. This is because dances often tell a story and convey some type of emotion, whether that emotion is joy , sadness, anger, etc. Dancers have to look like the piece is the easiest thing ever, even if it’s the complete opposite.

There are a few different opinions on what dance should be classified as: a sport, art, or neither. Just remember that if you think dance isn’t a sport simply because it “isn’t hard,” it’s best to try something before forming a strong assumption about it. It’s the dancer’s job to make their performance look effortless. So, what do you think about the very disputable topic of dance?

By Lauren Hutchins

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  1. I’m a dancer and I believe that dance is a sport. If cheer-leading is considered a sport, dance should be too. In cheer, you’re not even as active as you are in dance. I believe that dance is a sport because you have to exercise a lot every single day even if you don’t have it that day. It’s very complicated and time consuming activity, therefore it is a sport.


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