Athlete Profile: Kelsey Cooper

School sports here at Greenfield Junior High are made to come and go with the different seasons, but one athletic Grizzly loves playing soccer so much, she participates in it year-round!

Kelsey Cooper plays for the Gilbert Youth Soccer Association (GYSA) United 04 Girls club team. She has played (and loved) soccer since she was only four years old! Cooper enjoys this sport so much because, “It’s competitive and fun.” Kelsey must really believe so, since she practices three nights a week, and spends at least a grueling hour and a half of hard, sweaty soccer at each practice. Cooper also said she can have up to two soccer games in one weekend. Now that is a lot of soccer for one girl! Kelsey’s favorite position to play is center forward. This position is more on the offensive side, so Kelsey is usually the girl that assists or scores goals.

Playing a sport does not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but it also teaches valuable life lessons that will stay with you your whole life through. Sports are so fun because they teach the lessons in a positive, fast-paced environment. Kelsey Cooper commented that some of the benefits and skills she has been able to learn during her soccer career are things like, “Teamwork and friendship; keeping each other’s spirits high when someone is struggling.” No doubt these characteristics will continue to shine in this Grizzly soccer star, both on the soccer field and off, for the rest of her life.

By Rebecca Wood

Photo Credits: Rebecca Wood

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