Article: Spring Sports

With the winter sports season over, spring sports are coming fast! There are sports for everyone this season. Spring cheer, girls’ basketball, boys’ baseball, and track and field are the spring sports anyone can participate in.(But the spring cheer team has already been chosen.)

The majority of the sports this season are cut sports. That means that you have to tryout for the team. The Spring cheer team has already been chosen. Any girl, 7th or 8th grade, can try out for the girls’ basketball team. The tryouts will be held soon so make sure to keep your eyes open for announcements. Boys’ baseball is also starting up. Boys in either grade, who play baseball or those who are quick learners are encouraged to tryout! It is a cut sport so be sure you are ready. Listen in to the announcements for more information.

If you don’t think either of those are right for you then you can always try track and field. There are several different events that take place under the name “track and field”. Not all of the events include running as some students may think.  Shot-put and the high jump involve little to no running. If you are a fan of running then there are countless opportunities for you to shine. Hurdles, 400m, 100, or the 4x100m relay may be your calling.

Here at Greenfield we love our school sports! If none of the sports this season are right for you then you can always cheer on the athletes! Watch the games and meets to show your school spirit! The games are free to get into so invite all your friends

Good luck to all our future spring sport athletes! We can’t wait to see how great you will do!

By Jenna Westenskow

Photo Credit: Living With Hearing Loss

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