Brand Review – Hollister

Have you ever been to Hollister? It’s a super awesome store with lots of cool clothes for both boys and girls!

My favorite thing about Hollister is that they have a huge selection of different varieties of clothes and styles for everyone. All of the clothes in my closet are from there, no joke! So if you’re looking for some new clothes, definitely consider going to Hollister!

Now I know what all the boys reading this might think. “Hollister is a store for girls!” But actually, that’s not true. Hollister has a men’s section with just as much awesome clothes as the women’s section! Yes, you read that correctly. There are clothes for you, too, boys, so don’t worry.

My favorite product from Hollister definitely has to be their perfume. Up at the front desk, you’ll see a huge variety of different scents of perfume that are all “to die for”. Since Hollister is California-themed, all of their perfumes have a tropical vibe to them. Perfect for all you beach lovers out there! All of the perfume smells amazing, but I would recommend getting my personal favorite scent, Crescent Bay. And just like I said about the clothes, Hollister also has cologne that smells really good.

Whenever I am at the mall, I always make sure to stop by the Hollister store, and you should too! The clothes there are super cute, the people are nice, and the store is just great all around! Definitely make sure you stop by the Hollister store, because you will not regret it!

By Katelyn Kolstad

Photo Credit: Logo, Logotipos, Download


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