Other: Campo Verde Electives

Campo Verde is a high school that is in the Gilbert Public School district. It’s a great high school and it’s also a fairly new school in this school district. Some cool classes they offer are business education, photography, and metals and jewelry.

If you want to start a business, there is one class that is very important and also popular. This course introduces students to business and computer operations for within the college and career environment. Students will manipulate online applications that facilitate interactive info too. It gives you a jump start in learning how business works and different ways on how to use and operate a computer.

Another class is digital photography. This course that they offer will provide an introduction to digital photography. Major topics that they make you learn are digital imaging equipment, image capture and transfer, color theory, composition and digital camera image use. You could also explore different lenses and cameras too! Photography would be a great class if you are looking to take great pictures.

The last one is making jewelry and welding. This course introduces basic engineering and fabrication skills such as hand tools, power tools plumbing, welding and much more, the students will learn to work on drawings and complete projects plans with a group or by yourself. This class would be right up your ally if you like welding and making cool things!

High school is a great way to make new friends and learn new things to make you prepared for college. The classes that are listed are just a few amazing and fun electives they offer. So don’t be afraid to sign up for them, enjoy on what your doing in the class and have fun.


By: Zack Mumman

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